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Tiny Boobah

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Zoe has a huge number of nicknames, one of which is Boobah. (Zoe=Zuzu=Zu=Zoobah= Boobah) In our sleep-deprived state, we have a tendency to call Audrey by some of the same nicknames. A couple of days ago, B called Audrey Boobah, to which Zoe replied, quite matter of factly, “Audrey Tiny Boobah”.  And so she is. Her official nickname is now Tiny Boobah, and it’s quite fitting, because she really is a tiny version of Zoe. If you compare pictures from when Zoe was exactly the same age, it’s extremely difficult to tell them apart. (I’d put those pictures up so you could try it yourself, but I don’t know how.) So when you see her, feel free to call her Tiny Boobah, or just Tiny. Zoe does.

Zoe loves Audrey

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Here is a small glimpse of Zoë’s first meeting with Audrey.

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