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Tiny’s blog about the house

Friday, July 19th, 2013

We have a sink on the back of our potty and when the potty flushes the water goes.

And now I’m going to type about our room.

We have a thing that makes mosquitoes go away hanging from the light.  It has a smell that mosquitoes don’t like. And we have one outside and inside.

In our back yard we have a shrine. (mom edit- We don’t really, it’s a statue.) On the top of the shrine is blue. I really hope that you like my blog.

Audrey tells you about Japan

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Kiddyland is a store. At Kiddyland there is lots and lots of toys. On every floor there are different toys. On one floor there is lots and lots of Hello Kitty things. On one other floor there is Lego toys.

There is a Tamagachi store. There is little Tamagachi toys that are little Tamagachis that are cute.

Both of those places are in Harajuku. I like Harajuku. There are lots and lots of fun places there. There is a crazy street that I like. All of the stores are cute and silly.

We live at Meguro. At Meguro there is shrines and churches and a train station.

At Shibuya there is lots and lots of watch places and lots and lots of watches. There is a Disney store.

There is a Burger King in Ebisu and its hamburgers are yummy.

We went to Disneyland and there was Jumping Jellyfish. I went on the Jumping Jellyfish with Daddy and we went on an orange and a pink jellyfish and there was hot air balloon fishies. It was faster than I thought it would be and I liked it.  I went to Donald’s house and Minnie’s house and Chip and Dale’s tree house. We went on It’s A Small World. We went to a pizza place and we went on Autotopia. I liked Autotopia and Daddy went with me.  We got a little fast pass for Nightmare Before Christmas and I liked the mirrors.

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