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You don’t tug on Superman’s cape…

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

…you don’t spit into the wind.

You don’t pull the mask off the ole Lone Ranger,

and you don’t mess around with Audrey

The girls having a seat

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Here are the two little princesses having a little together time

Some pictures of the girls

Sunday, December 7th, 2008


Sunday, October 26th, 2008

We’ve been really bad about posting lately, but these pics of her in her Halloween costume just had to be posted!

To prove the previous post…

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

A little smile

Taking a nap

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Today was crazy hot and Audrey was super fussy until she found a nice little nook to rest in…

A message from big sister…

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Zoë asks what we were all wondering, “baby Audrey, where are you?”

Now the waiting gets worse…

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Maryanne had a visit to the doctor last week to check on Audrey’s process.  The doc basically said that Audrey was all lined up and ready to go.  Sounds great, right?  Well she also said that Audrey could show up tomorrow or 3 weeks from now.

I thought waiting around for the cable guy to show up between 12-5pm was bad…

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